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Anything regarding nutrition advice on the internet/media/magazines has to be taken with a grain of salt nowadays due to the rampant misinformation, fad diets, and the latest weight loss techniques. As a previous Nutrition major and current Kinesiology major, I am approached daily by my friends about the different diets that they are finding on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I have found myself having to explain why juicing for three weeks or only eating a potato a day (I kid you not) is dangerous, and that bikini bodies are not made the week before spring break despite what the website promises. College students often live in the extremes of what their bodies will handle: doing all-nighters for the entirety of finals week, eating a large cheese pizza by yourself, drinking every day of the week because you have FOMO, or trying to burn 900 calories on the elliptical every day to achieve the elusive “thigh gap”. Considering the often gullible nature of us college students, I decided to lay it out straight and supply the masses with great, credible sources from their social media of choice:

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It is much harder to find reliable sources on Pinterest when it comes to healthy diets and nutrition due to the sheer volume of blogs but I finally found health and fitness guru Lauren Gleisberg’s website. Lauren likes to post daily workouts, recipes, motivation, and also has written several ebooks. I feel comfortable recommending Lauren’s website over the other blogs I viewed due to Lauren’s background in the fitness industry, as well as her established and recognized presence in social media. Her website is a great resource for not only eating healthy but also staying in shape.

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Sociology major at University of Western Ontario, Danielle Hausberg, created an Instagram account (and wrote an ebook!) to inspire and demonstrate that it is easy and cheap to create healthy meals in college. She provides recipes ideas and ingredient lists of her personal daily meals that she makes while dealing with her own busy college schedule. I highly recommend following Danielle to anyone who is stuck on ways to incorporate new, healthy foods into their diet, or are just looking for new recipes and ideas!

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Equinox, a high-end fitness facility, touches on every health related topic, including fitness, nutrition, regeneration, and life. All of their articles are written by professionals and have scientific evidence to support their findings. I would recommend this website to almost everyone who is trying to improve their life through diet, exercise, or stress-management. This website is a gold mine of information for all aspects of well-being, not to mention this is the information that Equinox is having their pros tell their clients so you get your own virtual wealth of knowledge that you would get from a life coach. Scroll through their whole website to get a sense of what Equinox’s culture and credo is about, and be sure to check out my favorite (of course) Equinox has 12 pillars of nutrition that they swear by!

Crafted by Dr. Michael Greger “NutritionFacts.org is a noncommercial, science-based source for the latest in nutrition profiled in hundreds of short engaging videos.” The interesting little tid bits that Dr. Greger provides to the public are helpful and scientifically supported, which is why I recommend following him on Twitter for quick nutrition news.

On the less scientifically reviewed side, @_thecollegediet provides followers with easy, delicious recipes, quick snacking tips, and how to stay on top of your college diet. Their simple tips can help stave off hunger in between classes and help reduce that sweet tooth. I recommend this if you are struggling with making healthy choices throughout the day!


jk not really, but if you have a moment go search “college diet” on Twitter and you will get a full glimpse into what our future leaders are fueling their brains with right now, and it’s shocking! Let’s reverse this culture!

And always remember friends, it’s Mind Over Platter!


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