Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Current Norm:

Freshman 15, drunchies, dining hall food, late night snacks, binge drinking; college is notoriously known as the time that you finally get freedom over all aspects of your life, including your eating patterns, which means that mom can’t tell you to not eat the dining hall Waffles at 2am. This freedom often comes with consequences that lead to bad habits that can follow you around the rest of your life

My Vision:

I have created a campaign called Mind Over Platter in order to bring awareness to college eating habits and create a new norm at Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo about nutritional choices in college, and how these choices will effect your future health status. My blog will contain relevant information, reliable sources, tips/tricks, recipes, and videos that help explain the need for change in our habits. My goal is to connect motivated individuals not only to the information that they need to be successful but also to each other to create a community that cares.


Every campaign needs a catchy slogan, right?? Mine is Mind Over Platter. You can always search that tag to find all of my blog posts on the topic!

Join The Team:

In addition to reading my blogs you can also follow me on Twitter to get bite-sized daily motivation, information, or fun facts about the college eating culture and how to change your own personal habits. In case you missed the first couple installments of my campaign, I linked them below! Join the team and always keep it Mind Over Platter.


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