Picture This…

College students often live in the extremes of what their bodies will handle: doing all-nighters for the entirety of finals week, eating a large cheese pizza by yourself, drinking every day of the week because you have FOMO, or trying to burn 900 calories on the elliptical every day to achieve the elusive “thigh gap”. This is the first time we are free to do what we want, when we want, and we often don’t make the most healthy choices. These late night binges and 3 week in a row of “forgetting” to go to the gym will create bad habits for the future that will effect our health.

I have created a campaign called Mind Over Platter in order to bring awareness to college eating habits and create a new norm at Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo about nutritional choices in college, and how these choices will effect your future health status. I have given app recommendations, facts and myths, reliable sources, and my personal opinion on every thing under the college diet umbrella. My final call to action is in the form of a video public service announcement that details the current social norm that is eating on a college campus, enjoy!

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