This page is for my extra certifications, experiences, clubs, and research projects. I am seeking volunteer opportunities in programs that deliver services to students, athletes, and the special forces.

Volunteer Work.

Health Enrichment Action Team– Peer Educator | 2014-2015
–Conduct dietary analysis and disseminate information to client
–Utilize the Tanita scale to perform bio-impedance measurements and determine body composition
–Educating on nutrition problems in college campuses

PolyFit– Team member | Winter 2014
–Gather Anthropometric measurements and data for clients
–Perform tests such as Hydrostatic Weighing, Skin Fold measurements, and VO2 Max testing
–Use software to input and gather data to present to client

Personal Experiences.
While living in my sorority house during my sophomore year of college, I planned our dinners 5 nights a week. I focused on removing processed elements and creating a balanced, nutritious meal. I have a blog post about my experiences so far in my blog. Here is a sample of two weeks of dinners that was utilized during my meal plan implementation: Sample Menu

Certifications and Experiences.
CPR and First Aid Certified

Studying to be an ACSM personal trainer in the summer of 2015

Attended the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitian Association 2nd annual boot camp in 2014 in order to gain insight into possible future careers in Sports and Tactical Nutrition.

Alpha Phi Fraternity | 2012-Present

Women’s Club Lacrosse Team | 2012-2014


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